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Firstly, conscious contact with your muscles and tissues is conscious contact with your energy

"I work with the body because it is the only thing I can get my hands on." -Ida Rolf

Massage therapists often have very different approaches. In order for me to serve you best and meet or exceed your expectations I want to hear what you're experiencing and what your needs are for a customized session.

Manual therapy is massage therapy or bodywork, often used synonymously. Manual emphasizes "hands on." There are many different approaches to such. Some therapists are more anatomy oriented than others, some might be more dynamic, some might be more tactile relaxing. My manual work might be what you need to aid the relief of pain and improve function in a muscle or joint.  It can also help improve flexibility and durability. Pain is mostly a sign of dysfunction. Like any other sensation, pain is simply a way our body talks to us, draws our attention to specifics, tells us something is wrong.

An integrative approach: 

I do not limit myself or the session to one specific modality or technique to meet you where you are with your needs and expectation. Integrated methods and techniques from convention approaches:


"Swedish", "Deep Tissue", "Myofacial release", "Sports", facilitated stretching, trigger point, pin-and-stretch, cupping, guasha, and more.

My specialty is my Thai yoga mat integration. See below.


At different times I may focus on different aspects of the person, such as:

- The parasympathetic nervous system (relaxation)

- Blood circulation

- Fascial lines (tension lines)

- Bound up (fibrotic) dysfunctional knots in a muscle

- Neuromuscular junctions (trigger points)

- Adhesions between muscles

- Stretching for muscle length

Manual therapy might focus on specific muscles or points of muscle tissue in dysfunction because it is stuck in contraction, adhesion, or fibrotic. Other techniques will address lines of tension, which would be lines of function, that run across aspects of your body, bringing your form back into better alignment.


Thai style Mat Bodywork

Our bodies are meant take on different shapes. Let's address your form, your structure, and your function.


Most noticeable feature

- Floor mat

- Clothed

- Mobilizing and positioning the body

- Applied stretches and compressions

Freedom from having to use draping and table boarders and the leverage of being on the floor are the biggest advantages. This allows for more efficient positioning of the body as well as an experience like being pressing into reclined yoga poses.


Based on Traditional Thai Massage and Hatha Yoga, Thai Yoga Massage is an opportunity to open up your body in new ways with the freedom of ground space clothed rather than with the confinement of the table with draping. This utilizes many different postural positions, compressions, and stretches rather than skin gliding.

Experience how the different aspects of your body are connected.

Experience how your feet are connected to your lower back.

Where as in table massage you might connect with your skin more, mat bodywork connects you with your form more.


Hip flexor lateral recumbent posterior pull.


External rotation with instep foot pressure


Gluteal stretch with lumbar (low back) grounding.


Hamstring compression with leg abduction.


Reclined coddler heels to pelvis.


Happy Baby position.


Figure four ilio-tibial band stretch



Shoulder depression


Heart Meridian side body stretch


Scapula/ shoulder girdle mobilization. Neck stretch.


External rotator pelvis back twist


Hipflexor ilio psoas femural artery compression.


Adductor compression with external rotation.


Quadreceps stretch


Foot work.

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Scapula/ shoulder girdle mobilization. Neck stretch.