10 year anniversary

It is my 10th year anniversary this month of stepping into my first yoga pose flow class. Otherwise known as Hatha yoga. It was at my college’s rec center “MizzouRec” with a fitness class pass. Previously I mostly just did conventional weight lifts and runs about 3 miles, Sometimes longer, several times a week. My body was missing so much and was repeatedly having problems. For about three months I just did yoga several times a week for my fitness. When I ran again, it was so much easier. - Here’s my stance. What we call “yoga” happens to be a certain way of fitness that is very different from what typical fitness culture is use to in the west. The physical practice of Hatha yoga is changing the way we know and approach fitness, integrating “stretching “ with our muscles contractions. Lengthening and strengthening. Improving mobility and function. Where westerns have lost and forgotten about range of motion in function, westernized approaches to yoga are offering a physical therapy to reverse the damage of lost mobility. - And then we’re incorporating conscious breathing? We’re learning methods to reconnect the mind to the body deeper? We’re learning how we can improve the way we breathe? How we open our body more with breath? How we calm our mind more with breath in posture? - Is this Yoga? There’s so much more. Meanwhile, though I hold a certificate in yoga instruction, I’m a functional fitness instructor. I’m a coach to facilitate your self improvement. “Yoga pants” aren’t yoga. “Yoga poses and tricks” aren’t yoga. I’m glad that Fitness is evolving. I’m glad to be on a path of #rewilding . I find yoga to be a personal experience. - Now you can find me running Obstacle Mud Runs #ocr #running. Find your essence. Find your function. Find your being. What are you capable of? #yoga - #yogaeverydamnday whether or not you’re #yogapose-ing 

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