Tough Mudder Dallas 2017

Two days ago September 30th 2017 I commenced my first Tough Mudder obstacle course run at 12:30PM. "A challenge, not a race." There is a competitive wave at 8:00 AM called "Tougher Mudder" that you pay extra for. There is also a "Half Mudder," a 5 mile loop that's an abbreviation of the full 12 mile loop. I went alone. I put forth a call to action to join me or train with me on social media months previously. #whatsyourexcuse "When was the last time you did something for the first time." Tough Mudder is encouraging the out-of-the-ordinary experience. A fitness experience. A psychological experience. An accomplishment. Achieving things you didn't think you would. Crawling though the mud, monkey bar hang climbing over a murky pool, sliding down a tube into black mud, sliding down a tube into an ice bath, swimming under a grate, then getting up and running, team work with strangers getting over a big wide slipper slide, and more.


This is event that will probably take everything out of you over 12 miles and 20 obstacle stations. I remember my football coaches in high school telling us, "leave it all on the field. Have no regrets afterwards. Know you did your best." With satisfaction I ran every bit of it I could, probably 10 of the 12 miles. Lots and lots of people are walking that I passed up clapping encouraging them on. There was lots of waiting in lines at obstacle stations waiting for others to get up over the obstacle. I had less struggle than most given I can jump, grab, pull, climb my way over without a boost. But the point is this event is for everyone. Take it at your own pace. Do what you can. Experience something new.


I want to be your coach, your trainer, your instructor. Maybe it starts with inspiration here. I want you to be inspired to make the most of what God has given you and experience life to the fullest. It doesn't end with Tough Mudder. The next challenge and experience awaits. What will I achieve next? What will you achieve?



In the green shirt is Coach Theodore Mud Honey

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