Trust and honor in your own being.

"Gentleness comes from experiencing the absence of doubt. Absence of doubt is trusting in the heart, trusting yourself. Being without doubt means that you have connected with yourself, that you have experienced mind and body being synchronized together." -Chogyam Trungpa "Shambhala" - "How can love truly happen if we do not allow the heart to be open? We think that the heart is somehow irrational or unacceptable. In a privatized emotionality we experience the heart in a very superficial level. Instead of going to the depths of the longing of the heart, we either privatize it or distrust." -Evolutionary Love Relationships - "As infants, we live in our experience; we trust it. Without being in anyway conscious of it, he is a self trusting organism... she (Ellen West) was made to feel that her own experiencing was invalid, erroneous, wrong, and unsound, and that what she should be feeling was something quite different... she surrendered her capacity for trusting her experience and substituted their's. She gave up being her self. She no longer has any way of knowing what she feels or what her opinion is. This is the loneliest state of all--an almost complete separation from one's autonomous organism." Which Carl Rogers (A Way of Being) attributes to her suicide. - In other words: It is important to trust our deep heart feelings in regards to the direction of our own being for joy and fulfillment in life. To trust in our experiencing is to trust our being as an autonomous self loving organism. - It is quite interesting how I have several books going at once with such correlation. - Stay tuned for more information about naked yoga classes, and other yoga lessons and dharma talks. #yoga #nakedyoga #bodyimage#bodypositive #physique #humanism#authentic #authenticity #selflove#dharmatalk #shambhala #wisdom#doubt #gentleness #austin #austintx#atx #keepaustinweird

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