Stop the negative self-talk

Start where you are! Have compassion for yourself! Love yourself with self care.

  • IG #wildembodiedman - I never identified myself to have a weight problem. Except there was a time before puberty I was out of shape and was made fun of as fat and I did feel self conscious then. Upon puberty it was much easier to start exercising and get in shape. I never had a weight loss goal. Lately, like since I started at an LMT at an establishment in January I started getting more fit and the number on the scale gave an inverse correlation. BUT #bodyimage conflict can affect any of us... I have to remind myself to not allow my self esteem to be dependent on this number. I believe in training for function, to increase what my body is capable of. But we live in a culture that values physique so much. - When I quit football in college in 2005 I still loved weightlifting but realized I didn't have a functional goal anymore. I thought about #bodybuilding . I said "I want a body of a Greek God." I resorted to image over function. I still ran. I'm not sure how much I enjoyed running or If it was just to burn off visible fat... without much success. Fortunately I wasn't too hard on myself. I had a hard time lifting for results. Maybe that's just not for me.

  • - When I discovered #yoga in 2008 I felt a new kind of freedom. I felt I was in motion of allowing my body to just be what's it's meant to be. After a couple months of yoga I ran again and wow. Can I explain how running felt easier? Did i have more strength? Did I have more endurance? Power? No. I had less resistance in my body. More function. - I've had to resist getting myself pigeon holed into a specific yoga practice with identity of "yogi." I've gone periods without running or other forms of exercise because I though i needed to be a purist. When I changed my mind I accepted I enjoy running. And the more different kinds of exercises i do the more my body expands in function. - As I've increased my body's utility and function, particularly since starting as a massage therapist, my body has visibly improved. It's tempting to rely on quantifiable evidence like the number on the scale. #weightloss #physique #weightlifting #running#bodyweighttraining #pilates#functionalfitness #functionaltraining#morecapablehuman #atx #austin#austintx #keepaustinweird

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