Bliss out massage and I know I have my massage table.

MASSAGE OUT CALL today 9:30 AM: per commonly accepted professional ethics I'll keep the client anonymous, though I'm sure she wouldn't mind. First time session. I was a little spacey already perhaps. I brought in all of my essentials the first trip in from car to apartment. After I got my shoes off I realized there were a couple minor items still in the car like fleece extra padding to go under the sheet on the table and a blanket. My table is surprisingly well padded already for such a light table (client reported it was very comfortable) and she had a blanket in the room that worked well. I had the table, sheets, bolster, and oils. She has a peaceful open living room, no TV, perhaps Feng Shui, and a small assortment of energetic aid items displayed such as crystals, stones, and sage. She offered me a Tazo Zen tea. The massage went well. She felt it was very effective. She was a bit loopy after it and as she said "that's how we know it did something." I packed up per routine and left, carried the table and bags out to my car, placed the bags in the back seat. And... yeah I put the table back in the trunk. I felt really good afterwards, like someone just did energy work on me. Not dreading the upcoming shift because I'm fluid and life is flowing through me. Mostly just blissed out at Radio Coffee and had lunch there until I needed to get ready for Massage Establishment shift at 2:45. Good vibes continued through the shift. I get home and at 9:25 PM client texts me "Did you leave your massage table in the parking lot? If so I put it in my trunk. If that isn't yours, I just stole someone's massage table. LOL." I was ready in 2 seconds to reply "You stole someone's massage table." But how peculiar?! How likely would that be? I believe my table is in my car trunk but Do I have an episodic memory of putting my table back in my trunk? No! So I go out to my car quickly to check my trunk. How embarrassing. Keep Austin Awesome! ...and Austoned!

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