Yoga is practice of mastering self, mind and body.

I offer private Yoga lessons from the convenience of your home.

If you can breathe, you can do Yoga.

Experience openness through hatha yoga postures. Know your physical form. Practice strength, stability and ease.

90% of yoga classes you see are an "all-levels-flow," which we can also call "follow the leader - fake-it-till-you-make-it." Many of these classes rush through poses in one breath, often neglecting good form instruction, and neglecting opportunity to understand yourself more deeply in the asana. The best way to understand the asana, how you can achieve good alignment, and to experience yourself more deeply in it is a private lesson.

I use props/equipment to help the body feel support. This is used to accommodate lack of strength or reach so that one can experience openness, alignment, and stability with good form while practicing active asana.


Prop support is also used in restorative yoga asana so that one may relax experiencing being supported in a gentle stretch. This helps to release tense contracted muscles, a form of "positional release."

It is recommended to buy your own props/equipment: approx. 1 sticky mat, 4 mexican blankets, 6" bolster, 10' strap with buckle, 4 blocks. Contact me for details.


Yoga is an experience of yoking or uniting the different layers of the Self.

Create ease, not disease.  Focus on health with me by creating ease in your body so it can do what it is meant to do.  Through right breath, right effort, right action, and right posture you can be your own therapist.


The world has placed layers of stress and noise over the layers of the true Self.  Through mindful practice we can peel these layers away and allow our perfect innate intelligence to sustain our life force with steadiness and ease.


Yoga with Christopher emphasises having an embodied experience, moving slower, and tuning in to what is going on within.  As we practice the postures (Asanas) and conscious breathing (Pranayama) we switch from mind chatter to experiencing.  Allow me to facilitate your conscious union with your body.

Let's take our time and have a deeper Yoga experience in your home.  We can have a relaxing, restorative, rejuvinating, contemplative session. Or we can focus on form in active asanas and learn the right actions in your body.

We'll set up with lots of props.

Allow me to guide you and hold space while you focus inward.  Learn to practice yoga methods at least a few minutes a day on your own throughout the week. 

Here are examples of restorative yoga asanas.

Restorative Yoga Asana Samples

Restorative Yoga is for total relaxation - known as "positional release therapy" in Massage Therapy.

These images are borrowed from various sources through Google image search.