Yoga is my health insurance.

I usually don’t like showing off my yoga posing. For a few reasons. 1 Don’t want to over proliferate the message that posing is yoga. 2 Lacking good means to record and publish. 3. Feeling self conscious about my reach and form not looking as good as others. I really don’t want to show off. I don’t think this routine is that great. But the message is in the effort. Like any exercise, it’s about right effort. This right effort of body and mind is necessary to maintain good health and good quality of life. Any exercise is better than nothing. If you’re sitting around all day, you’re in trouble. Move through your range of motion. Stay supple. Stay strong. Start wear you are.

How are you moving with your New Year's Resolution?

Most common New Year's resolution? Get fit and stay healthy - 37% New Year's resolution success rate? 8% Don't just commit to a New Year's resolution. Commit to yourself. Have a coach to hold you accountable. A trainer to teach you how to move better. A therapist to work through your resistance with you. Remember, pain from within your body is just a message to your brain from your body about disfunction. Let's correct your function with therapy, functional fitness training, and yoga. Check out my new page on Fx Fitness here. Private training lessons available. Book a consult. You're made to move! May I help? -Coach Christopher Sunshine

Terrain Racing OCR Sept 29… Train with me; and I'll see you there. September 29, 2018, Austin Texas Obstacle mud run. (Only 3 miles! You can do this.) What are you capable of?

10 year anniversary

It is my 10th year anniversary this month of stepping into my first yoga pose flow class. Otherwise known as Hatha yoga. It was at my college’s rec center “MizzouRec” with a fitness class pass. Previously I mostly just did conventional weight lifts and runs about 3 miles, Sometimes longer, several times a week. My body was missing so much and was repeatedly having problems. For about three months I just did yoga several times a week for my fitness. When I ran again, it was so much easier. - Here’s my stance. What we call “yoga” happens to be a certain way of fitness that is very different from what typical fitness culture is use to in the west. The physical practice of Hatha yoga is changing

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