Thirst for truth, not sensationalism.

Thirst for a higher truth. It offends me deeply how Yoga has become big business. You may have heard me say this before. You may be clueless to what I'm talking about, because big business, commercialism, and capitalism is such the norm you don't see it for what it is and what else there has been. - It offends me when I know I'm impacting a classroom full of students weekly and I hear that a capitalist above me in the chain is saying "I'm concerned I'm not making enough money off of this." - Probably in part because I've been doing yoga for 9 years and don't feel the need for the rhetoric distinction in the mundane world anymore, in part because commercialism has defined "yoga" into some mon

Tough Mudder Dallas 2017

Two days ago September 30th 2017 I commenced my first Tough Mudder obstacle course run at 12:30PM. "A challenge, not a race." There is a competitive wave at 8:00 AM called "Tougher Mudder" that you pay extra for. There is also a "Half Mudder," a 5 mile loop that's an abbreviation of the full 12 mile loop. I went alone. I put forth a call to action to join me or train with me on social media months previously. #whatsyourexcuse "When was the last time you did something for the first time." Tough Mudder is encouraging the out-of-the-ordinary experience. A fitness experience. A psychological experience. An accomplishment. Achieving things you didn't think you would. Crawling though the mud, mon

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