Massage training with Tim McCoy August 15, 2017

I am attending Integrative massage techniques for the Leg and Foot with Tim McCoy, Austin Texas, "DeFuse." - Being a decent massage therapist is ongoing education and training as often as possible. I look forward to sharing my ever expanding methods and skills with you. And of course these skills are nothing without being backed with my presence and talent.

Business on the go.

So firstly, Wix website formatting and domain host is pretty awesome and easy to use. I recently found this Wix mobile app which allows me to post blog entries! Business on the go. The down side to this app is it doesn't let me upload videos or embed YouTube videos which I can do from desktop as you see below. Sharing self care demonstrations and educational clips is one of the best ways I can connect with you online. - Check out my Instagram at WildEmbodiedMan for lots of visual updates, inspirations, and insights into who I am. There is a ChristopherBodywork Facebook business page too which I also just got a mobile app for. Also don't do as much with that yet. Instagram is one of the easie

Foam rolling the hips

Foam rolling the hips on 8/2/2017 You CAN do bodywork to yourself! You probably want professional help though. Do you know how tight and contracted your muscles are? If you're not feeling pain yet the problem is still there. If you're not striving for optimal you're decaying. Start where you are. #fitnessmotivation #massage #massagetherapist #massagetherapy #selfcare #selfmassage #foamrolling #foamroller #stretching #pain #pelvicpain #hiprotation #hipflexion #hamstring #glutes #piriformis #spine #spinalcare #backcare #pain #backpain #hippain #painmanagement #fitness #fitnesstrainer #personaltrainer #gym #weightlifting

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