Trust and honor in your own being.

"Gentleness comes from experiencing the absence of doubt. Absence of doubt is trusting in the heart, trusting yourself. Being without doubt means that you have connected with yourself, that you have experienced mind and body being synchronized together." -Chogyam Trungpa "Shambhala" - "How can love truly happen if we do not allow the heart to be open? We think that the heart is somehow irrational or unacceptable. In a privatized emotionality we experience the heart in a very superficial level. Instead of going to the depths of the longing of the heart, we either privatize it or distrust." -Evolutionary Love Relationships - "As infants, we live in our experience; we trust it. Without bein

Yoga under the trees this Saturday at 1:00PM!

Meet me at South 5th Street and Cumberland Ave this Saturday at 1PM! There is a huge tennis center there and South Austin Recreation Center. But you'll see a cluster of trees from the intersection. Great for back pain and other stuff. Followed by a Dharma Talk at 2:15 PM on Courage and Vulnerability.

Stop the negative self-talk

Start where you are! Have compassion for yourself! Love yourself with self care. IG #wildembodiedman - I never identified myself to have a weight problem. Except there was a time before puberty I was out of shape and was made fun of as fat and I did feel self conscious then. Upon puberty it was much easier to start exercising and get in shape. I never had a weight loss goal. Lately, like since I started at an LMT at an establishment in January I started getting more fit and the number on the scale gave an inverse correlation. BUT #bodyimage conflict can affect any of us... I have to remind myself to not allow my self esteem to be dependent on this number. I believe in training for function,

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