Stress, Pain and Mobility solutions

Pain free freedom in your body is achievable.

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Body Care To Move Better

And Feel better.

Do you have Pain from stress and lack of mobility?

Do you wish your body was doing more for you?

My goal is to help you experience your potential, to make the most out of and experience freedom in the last possession you will have in this world, your body, your vessel for your consciousness.

I do applied manual therapy of various and integrated methods and instruct exercises to correct muscle, postural, and movement related pain and dysfunction. I teach a model of fitness and yoga based on empowering you to take control of your own health and fitness to improve your natural functions and faculties to be a more resilient, capable, and complete human.

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Christopher Emmett

Massage Therapist and Yoga Teacher.

Psychology Scholar and Gentleman.

Experienced healthcare professional and athlete/mover.

Structural, functional, and relaxation approaches to therapy.

Earthing and Grounding.

Form and Stability.

Movement and Flow.

Running and Exploration.

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Your neighborhood massage therapist and personal trainer in Galveston Texas.



My body care journey started when I took ownership of my fitness training for track and field in 7th grade working out on my own. Playing football in high school my body experienced much dysfunction, pain and injury. My own training had mostly just been running and weightlifting for major muscles groups as is very common. I got professional care but ultimately it was a matter of redirecting my efforts to better self care, amending the muscle length (stretching) and stability strength that had been very neglected focusing on much more healthier isometric action and movement, slow twitch muscle fibers and smaller muscles. Today I love to explore the real capacities of the body’s function and movement.

I have experience (in order) as an aquatic lifeguard, EMT-trained working as a nurse’s aid then medical assistant, yoga instructor, and BA in psychology. I have much related experience and knowledge coming into massage therapy in healthcare and balancing theories and perspectives in light of scientific evidence ready to give you an integration of methods that will work best for you.

I am perceptive and conscious of what I feel beneath your skin to deliver the right amount and angle of pressure connecting with your energy with ease. I continue to study various methods for approaching the muscle structures of your body and the body as a whole structure. Methods I used have been referred to as structural, deep tissue, or myo-fascial release. Relaxation circulatory methods of Swedish massage also available using oil.


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What is the relationship between MASSAGE THERAPY and FUNCTIONAL FITNESS?

In massage therapy people regularly come for muscular-skeletal pain. This pain is usually a sign of dysfunction in the body. How well is the body aligned (posture) to take action to resist gravity, other external forces, and to move? Both massage and daily stretching are important to break up impediments in the muscle so that they may lengthen. Patterns of shortened and contracted muscles from narrow movement patterns pull us out of alignment and cause over-work and strain for simple movements and postures.

The other common thing that is needed to hold the body together for pain free function is stabilizer strength, commonly neglected in the weight room. Click this FUNCTIONAL FITNESS tab for more information.


I like to offer massage therapy in conjunction with holistic personal training and self care coaching commonly involving stretching, stability and core strengthening, range of motion exercise, and vestibular resets.